A Refreshing and Relaxing Mind Management Session at AIG Hospitals

At AIG Hospitals, we care for your mind just as much as we care for your body. Your mind is the beginning point for the smooth functioning of your life. On that note, the weekend of 7th May, Saturday, was made more useful with all our staff members, nurses, and doctors indulging in a mind management session, organized by Dr. Naveen, our Medical Director. The session brought about a different experience for each one, as our Guest speaker Brother Girish from the famous Brahma Kumaris, kept everyone engaged with his interactive and motivational words. The session was opened by Dr. Naveen with a brief introduction about brother Girish, who is a dynamic mind trainer and counselor, and an excellent motivational speaker. Brother Girish has been associated with Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, an International Socio-Spiritual organization for the past 24 years. Brother Girish then took over to thank AIG hospitals for giving him this opportunity and expressed that it is his honor and privilege to address the gathering today! He began by putting forward a few general questions to the audience about being stressed and discussed major reasons for being stressed, which were quite relatable to all. He further went on to share a few funny incidents and personal experiences to explain how life is more about eliminating stress rather than managing stress! “You are the sole reason for your stress, and your stress depends on your responses to the realities of your life”, he added. The audience shared a burst of good laughter as brother Girish added a touch of humor to his motivational words! He guided everyone to address every stressful situation with a smile! He expressed that “life is always being equated with ‘having’ something and ‘doing’ something, and in this process, the whole purpose of ‘being’ is lost. Therefore, it is important to train our minds, attitude, and actions to take on any stressful situation in life with positivity. The session was concluded with a relaxing 5-minute meditation activity to bring in more positive thoughts, calm the mind, and leave out the negative thoughts. This was followed by a vote of thanks from our Director, Dr. G.V Rao, “We thank brother Girish for taking time out for AIG Hospitals and hope these smiles continue”, he added.

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