Head and Neck Oncology

Head and neck cancers are a significant problem in our country constituting approximately one-third of all cancer cases in contrast to 4–5% in the developed world. It is the most common cancer in our country.

Tobacco, smoking, alcohol, HPV infection are some of the established risk factors for head and neck cancers.

Non-healing oral ulcer/growth, difficulty in opening the mouth, excessive salivation, pain, loose teeth, bleeding, difficulty in swallowing, change in speech, hoarseness in voice, swellings in the neck and cheek etc. can be some of the manifestations of head and neck cancer.

Prompt consultation with your physician can help in early diagnosis which can prevent a morbid surgery and improve the chances of cure of the disease. Surgery and radiotherapy are the commonly used modalities in the treatment of head and neck cancers, with chemotherapy added when appropriate.

Our team of oncologists are experienced in dealing with early and locally advanced head and neck cancers. They are adept in reconstruction using pedicled or microvascular flaps wherever appropriate, in collaboration with our team of plastic surgeons.