Rigid Bronchoscopy [adult and pediatric]

The department is equipped with adult and pediatric rigid bronchoscopes [Novatech& Karl Storz]. Rigid bronchoscopy is a major and challenging procedure performed on the central airways (trachea and major bronchi). It is a procedure done with the help of a rigid metallic tube (rigid bronchoscope or tracheoscope) which enables your doctor to visualise central airways for the purpose of diagnosing or treating certain diseases. Rigid bronchoscope uses an instrument called telescope or Hopkins (passed through rigid bronchoscope) attached with a light source and camera head to transmit images to a video screen. A flexible bronchoscope can be inserted through the rigid bronchoscope and then other accessories like electrocautery, cryoprobe can be sent through the working channel and hence procedures like dilatation of tracheal stenosis or a tumour debulking can be done.

The department is also equipped with ERBE cryo unit to perform cryodebulking of major airway obstructions and also cryo biopsies in case of diffuse lung diseases. Other modalities which are available in the department are Electrocautery, Argon Plasma Coagulation [APC].

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