Liver Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery

AIG Hospitals performs liver transplant on a continual basis. We manage every aspect of liver disease for you. If you need a transplant, we understand your needs and will work to find the best solution for your long-term health. We believe in exploring every innovation that might help patients who are facing liver disease. Our experts in liver disease and liver surgery work closely together to manage any type of liver disease, whether you require surgery, cancer care or other treatment. Our specialists have performed more than 2000 liver transplants, helping restore patients’ liver function and health.

Our team includes:
  • Surgeons with specialized expertise in hepatobiliary surgery
  • A team of specialized transplant hepatologists who manage patients’ liver failure before transplantation.
  • Gastroenterologists with experience in diagnosing and treating liver disorder.
  • Oncologists and interventional radiologists. Together, these specialists provide aggressive treatment of liver tumors so that we can successfully complete transplants.
  • Recognized transplant immunologists who are developing new ways to reduce the risk of organ rejection.

We provide an integrated, multidisciplinary service which includes:

  • Assessing patients’ suitability for transplantation
  • Comprehensive education and support for all patients you are in need to undergo liver transplant.
  • Transplant surgery with aftercare
  • Post-transplant care and follow-up
You will need a series of investigations before your assessment for transplantation at AIG Hospitals which will be organised after consulting the doctor.