Emergency Nursing

Emergency Medicine Nurse is a distinct front-line health care provider who works with compassion and empathy and provides timely emergency health care and saves lives. The emergency Medicine Nursing team has trained with skills in emergency medicine.

The ER nurse (also known as an Emergency Department nurse) must be quick thinking, collaborative, has excellent decision-making skills, and is an efficient multitasker. They treat patients of all ages and backgrounds for a variety of issues.

Many ER patients are experiencing life-threatening situations and the ER nurse and associated care team at AIG Hospitals are quick to triage, stabilize, revive, or resolve these issues before getting the patient the further care that they need.

Apart from the traditional nursing education, the emergency nurses even receive training in prompt triage, primary evaluation and critical actions, team organization, communication skills, advanced training in BLS, ALS, ATLS, PALS and expertise in various emergencies procedural skills.

AIG Emergency Medicine Department has a strong team of 40 plus emergency nursing professionals providing round the clock services with great compassion. The service motto is” Time is Life ” where every minute in the Emergency Medicine Department counts to preserve the quality of life.