Critical Care Medicine

At a World-Class tertiary care hospital, the Department of Critical Care medicine is one of the most important specialties taking care of all seriously ill patients and is often considered as the heart of the hospital. The predominant function of critical care medicine is to evaluate, diagnose, monitor and treat patients who are sick and beyond the capacity to treat as outpatient or ward or room care. Intensivists (Critical Care Medicine physicians) are trained to deliver advanced care such as ventilation, dialysis, hemodynamic monitoring (BP, heart rate, cardiac output), tracheostomy and other life-sustaining procedures.

Department of Critical Care Medicine

In AIG Hospitals, an experienced team of intensivists (physicians with certified super speciality degrees in critical care medicine), specialized nurses and other support staff, work in coordination with other allied specialists such as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, etc., providing the best possible care to a seriously ill patient.

Salient Features of the Department of Critical Care, AIG Hospitals:

    • Multidisciplinary team treating wide spectrum of illnesses, including multi organ failures. Particularly experienced in treating infectious, gastroenterological and liver patients.
    • Separate Isolation Room ICU Care to prevent spread of cross infections with positive and negative ventilation facility.
    • Standalone liver critical care unit.
    • Advanced Care such as High end hemodynamic monitoring, invasive neuro monitoring, ECMO and CRRT
    • Point of Care Ultrasound and 2D echo for evaluation and monitoring ICU patients
    • Rehabilitation which includes early nutrition, mobilizing the patient soon out of the bed, providing physiotherapy, restore core body strength and most importantly motivating the patient.
    • Extensive family counselling.