The Department of Cardiology at AIG Hospitals is an acknowledged centre of excellence. It is well known for its advanced, innovative research-backed and path-breaking services for heart patients. The Institute is known for its renowned cardiologists, electrophysiologists and cardiac intensivists and undertakes all kinds of complex procedures. The Institute is equipped with advanced cath labs, FFR, IVUS, ICU, Non-invasive labs, 4 state-of-the-art cardiac surgery theatres, CTICU and excellent room services backed up by well trained medical, nursing and technical staff. AIG Hospitals has a multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care involving senior cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, critical care specialists, anaesthetics, cardiac technicians and nurses. It means patients evaluation and test are done quickly and appropriate interventional therapies are provided immediately. AIG Hospitals cardiologists are leaders in research, diagnosis and therapies for people with heart conditions. Cardiology Services
  • 24/7 Cardiac Emergency Care with round the clock in-house cardiologist cover
  • State of the Art Diagnostic and Non-Invasive Cardiology Equipment including, 3D ECHO, TEE, DSE, Holter Monitoring, 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring, IABP, ECMO, Ventilators, Cardiac Nuclear Scanning, CT Coronary Angiography and Cardiac MRI. All these along with advanced Philips Cath labs
  • Procedures offered at our centre include
    • Multi-vessel and Complex Angioplasties
    • Rotoabalation, FFR, IVUS
    • Peripheral and Carotid angioplasties
    • Percutaneous interventions for Congenital heart diseases (Device closures, coil embolization)
    • Percutaneous Valve replacements (TAVR) and other aortic interventions
    • Balloon dilatation of stenosed valves (Valvuloplasty)
    • Electrophysiological studies, ablation procedures for complex arrhythmias.
    • Pacemaker implantation including ICDs and CRT