Transfusion Medicine – Blood Bank

Department of Transfusion Medicine provides various services that are quintessential to the routine and most complex GI, Oncological, Surgical, Dialysis & critical care cases at AIG Hospitals. The fully equipped Transfusion Medicine department is adept in handling & supporting the hospital with its robust transplant programme.

Blood transfusion service is a vital part of the modern health care system without which efficient medical care is impossible. It is a complex organisation requiring careful designing & management.

The aim is to provide blood & blood products which are safe & adequate to meet the patients’ need.

Department of Transfusion Medicine uses state of the art technology & stringent quality control protocols to ensure timely supply of the safest blood & blood component. Our goal is to annihilate the scarcity of blood & ensure availability of safe blood components round the clock & to motivate regular voluntary donors.


  • Blood component preparation lab is a state of the art lab that is well equipped with the latest instruments.
  • The immunohematology lab is equipped with a fully automated platform for immunohematology workup of donors & patients.
  • For infectious disease marker test, fully automated walk away ECLIA system by Roche is used.
  • NAT testing based on PCR method is done for screening donors.
  • Apheresis lab is equipped with fully automated cell separator, flexible to produce various components that are functional 24X7.

The department also performs special procedures such as TPE, PBSC collection (auto/allo), red cell exchange.

Quality assurance: Advanced testing methods to determine the presence of antibodies in blood products are routinely employed in our blood bank to ensure patient safety.

The department runs round the clock to supply blood & blood products.

Blood donors are informed & educated about the testing of infections transmitted by the transfusion of blood components.

To reiterate, the department of transfusion medicine continues to care for our patients by following 3 guiding principles - service, standards & safety.


Key Doctors

Dr. Pragati Naik

Consultant - Department of Transfusion Medicine - Transfusion Medicine - Blood Bank