The Department of Lab Medicine at AIG Hospitals is spread over 80,000 square feet and functions 24x7 with an aim of providing accurate, reproducible medical reports with great precision and quick turnaround time. Lab Medicine encompasses Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Cytopathology, Molecular Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Serology.

Departments are led by team of expert doctors with specialised training in India and abroad, supported by well-trained technical staff and phlebotomists. Laboratories are designed based on Global norms and equipped with latest cutting-edge technology, automated laboratory solutions, pneumatic sample transportation, high-throughput machines and versatile analyzers, integrated with pre-analytical workstations and connected with automated slide stainers and image analysis systems. AIG is one of the first hospitals in India using Digital Microscopy and Telepathology.

Department of Pathology

Over 1000 blood samples from patients are processed daily. Special investigations include Bone Marrow aspiration & Bone marrow Biopsies coagulation and thrombotic profile tests, and flow cytometry. More than 18000 biopsies & 10000 FNAC samples are processed annually in Histology & Cytology respectively. Facilities: frozen, tissue analysis for intraoperative consultations, immunohistochemistry panel of markers for all lesions, liquid cytology and molecular pathology for complete tumour analysis.

Digital imaging

Haematology, Clinical pathology, Clinical chemistry departments have latest machines linked to digital systems. Digital imaging leads to more efficient and standardized testing ensuring faster and precise reports.


Real-time robotic microscopy systems and virtual slides allow consultant pathologists to evaluate histopathology / cytology slides remotely for Rapid onsite evaluation and reporting of Endoscopic ultrasound / EBUS / endoscopic biopsy by operating a robot-controlled motorized microscope located at a distant site (e.g. endoscopy / ERCP room). This saves time and cost for patients. This is a unique facility available only at AIG.

AIG Lab strength is reflected by the academic performance, publications, research activities and CMEs. Department of Pathology offers a fellowship programme aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of gastrointestinal pancreatic and hepatobiliary pathology and build competency for speciality referral practice.


Department of Pathology

The Pathology laboratory is comprised of Histopathology, Cytology, Hematology and Clinical Pathology and Blood bank situated in Lab and Research (Facility) block. Lab infrastructure design is based on global standards & procedures relevant to safety, environment, power, data retention, waste management etc.

The department led by Dr. Anuradha Sekaran includes a team of 10 consultants with expertise in GI Pathology to ensure comprehensive reporting along with focus on academics, research and publications.

Labs infrastructure is state of the art with high end equipment to handle samples effectively and efficiently to deliver rapid results with ensured quality. Round the clock diagnostic services are available for Hematology, Clinical Pathology and Blood Bank.

A total of 700-800 blood samples from OPD and Inpatients are processed every day. In addition to routine blood tests, facilities for special investigations like Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsies, Frozen sections, IHC, Molecular Pathology Genetics etc., are offered.

A total of 25,000 biopsies per year & 10,000 FNAC samples are processed in Histology & Cytology respectively.


AIG is equipped with complete Oncology related modalities like Medical & Surgical Oncology, PET Scan, Nuclear Scan, Radiology Services.

Oncology services in Gastrointestinal & Pancreaticobiliary areas includes exposure to Whipples specimen, Abdominoperineal Resection, Low Anterior Resection, Gastrectomy, Colectomy, Distal Pancreatico Spleenectomy, Hepatectomy specimens, etc. which account to over 1200-1500 resected specimens per year. Fellowship in GI Pathology is so designed in such a way that there is emphasis on both theory and practical training, on all routine and oncology cases. Fellows have an opportunity to review all the slides and diagnose the case completely. They will have an idea of systemic approach for diagnosis of tumor of unknown primary, early cancer detection and judicial use of various supporting modalities like IHC, FISH, NGS, Molecular platform.

Transplant Pathology

AIG has a robust Liver Transplant program and the fellows will be able to review 60-70 trucut Liver biopsies per month and approximately 10 to 12 transplants per month and over 120¬150 explant specimens in a year.

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship program is a 1-year program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of adult and pediatric gastrointestinal, pancreatic and hepatobiliary pathology and to competently handle issues that arise in routine and speciality referral practice. The fellowship will be awarded by Asian Institute of Gastroenterology after successful completion of theory and practical exams after the end of the 12-month training curriculum.

Key Doctors

Dr. Anuradha Sekaran

Director and Chief of Pathology - Pathology