Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

A full spectrum of multidisciplinary care to meet your physical and aesthetic goals

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Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a unique surgical speciality, and is generally considered a bridge between ‘Medicine’ and ‘Dentistry.’ The breadth and scope of the speciality are vast and ever-expanding. We provide consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with conditions or diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck.

The division provides a full range of outpatient and inpatient services. The department treats patients of all age groups and provides comprehensive pathological, functional and cosmetic surgical services to the patients.We collaborate with other specialities when needed.

Department of oral & maxillofacial surgery AIG Hospitals believes in a holistic approach to health and is committed to excellence. We also believe in patient-centred and personalized care.

The scope of the speciality is extensive and includes, but is not necessarily confined to:

Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Peri-Implant Surgery, Facial Pain, Odontogenic / Head and Neck Infections, Cysts and Tumors, Cranio Maxillo Facial Trauma, Temporomandibular Joint Conditions, Salivary Gland Disorders, Facial Deformity, Congenital Malformations, Oral Cancer, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Aesthetic Facial Surgery, Reconstruction.


Oral Medicine

  • Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
  • Oral Diagnosis
  • Oral Health Screening
  • Mucosal Disorders
  • Oral Ulcers
  • Red and White Lesions
  • Premalignant Disease

Oral Surgery

  • Oral Biopsy
  • Surgical Extraction of Teeth
  • Surgical Extraction of Wisdom Teeth / Third Molars
  • Surgical Exposure of Impacted Teeth
  • Peri Apical Infections and Pathology
  • Frenectomy
  • Oro Antral Fistula Repair
  • Transplantation of Teeth
  • Removal or Reduction of Tori
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Genial Tubercle Reduction
  • Pre-prosthetic Surgery
  • Mylohyoid Ridge Reduction
  • Vestibuloplast
  • Ridge Augmentation
  • Ridge Reduction
  • Bone Grafts

Peri-Implant Surgery

  • Osseointegrated Implants
  • Dental Implants
  • Sinus Lift Procedures
  • Soft Tissue Procedures in Implant Therapy
  • Zygoma Implants
  • Maxillofacial Implants
  • Bone Grafting

Facial Pain

  • Dental Pain
  • Atypical Facial Pain
  • Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

Odontogenic / Head and Neck Infections

  • Dental Infections
  • Periapical Infections
  • Fascial Space Infections
  • Ludwig’s Angina
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Osteoradionecrosis
  • Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ / BRONJ)

Cysts and Tumors

  • Radicular Cyst
  • Developmental Cysts
  • Odontogenic Keratocyst
  • Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
  • Stafne Cyst
  • Ameloblastoma
  • Dentigerous Cyst
  • Benign Fibro-osseous Disease
  • Giant Cell Lesions
  • Vascular Malformations
  • Neurogenic Tumors

Cranio Maxillo Facial Trauma

  • Contusions, Lacerations, Avulsive Injuries
  • Bite Injuries
  • Parotid Duct Injuries
  • Gun Shot Injuries
  • Dentoalveolar Fractures
  • Maxillary Fractures
  • Mandibular Fractures
  • Nasal Fractures
  • Zygoma Fractures
  • Orbital Fractures
  • Frontal Sinus Fractures
  • Naso Orbito Ethmoid Complex Fractures
  • Pan Facial Fractures
  • Skull Fractures
  • Le Fort Fractures
  • Scar Revision
  • Post Traumatic Deformity
  • Mal-Union
  • Non-Union

Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorders

  • Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction
  • Internal Derangement
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Hypomobility and Hypermobility of TMJ
  • Diskoplexy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Arthrocentesis
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation
  • Temporomandibular Joint Replacement

Salivary Gland Disorders

  • Dry Mouth
  • Mucocele
  • Ranula
  • Benign Salivary Gland Lesions
  • Malignant Salivary Gland Lesions
  • Sialoliths
  • Salivary Gland Infections
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome

Facial Deformity

  • Maxillary Osteotomy
  • Mandibular Osteotomy
  • Genioplasty
  • Facial Asymmetry
  • Orthomorphic Surgery

Congenital Malformations

  • Vascular Malformations
  • Cystic Hygroma
  • Thyroglossal Duct Cyst

Oral Cancer

  • Lip Cancer
  • Tongue Cancer
  • Buccal Mucosa Cancer
  • Alveolar Cancer
  • Floor of the Mouth Cancer
  • Maxillary Sinus Cancer

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • Genial Advancement
  • Mandibular Advancement
  • Maxillomandibular Advancement

Maxillofacial Reconstruction

  • Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  • Bone Reconstruction
  • Local Flaps
  • Distant Flaps
  • Bone Grafts
  • Microvascular Reconstruction
  • Free Flaps

Aesthetic Facial Surgery

  • Facial Cancers
  • Scar Revision
  • Facial Implants
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Brow Lift
  • Face Lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Otoplasty
  • Injectable Cosmetics

Surgical Procedures

  • Oral Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Implant Surgery
  • Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Surgery
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Salivary Gland Surgery
  • Temporomandibular Joint Surgery
  • Oral Cancer Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Reconstruction
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgery
  • Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Key Doctors

Dr. Ramakanth Reddy Dubbudu

Consultant, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. N V S Sekhar Reddy

Consultant, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Srinivas Reddy V

Consultant, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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