Individualized, coordinated, and comprehensive surgical and medical care for all ENT ailments

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The Department of ENT at AIG Hospitals is dedicated for ear, nose, throat, head, and neck. It has been established to provide the best possible care and is committed to providing comprehensive treatment with highly qualified and experienced doctors, the latest technology and equipment. Patients with the symptoms related to ENT need individual care and appropriate management owing to the complexity and chronicity of some of the diseases. Treatment here at AIG is based on international guidelines and also emphasizes preventive care. The department works in close association with other sister departments in providing the best possible care, and also supports other specialities with its extended purview.


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Key Doctors

Dr. Srinivas Kishore Sistla

Director & HOD, Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) - ENT

Dr. Amjad Khan

Consultant ENT - ENT

Dr. M. Santhosh Kumar

Consultant ENT - ENT

Dr. R Chandra Shekar Reddy

Consultant ENT and Head and Neck surgeon - ENT

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