Department Of Physiotherapy And Wellness

Ensuring suitable therapy and timely recovery

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At AIG Hospitals, our Physiotherapy team has an in-depth understanding of injury management while retaining the fitness aspect. Most importantly, our team of experienced Physiotherapists communicates the right diagnosis as well as the best care plan to the patient customized according to their specific needs, ensuring suitable, appropriate therapy and timely recovery. The Physiotherapy Department helps patients with sustainable mobility and complete recovery of cognitive capability over a period of time. This involves care management in cases where mobility and operation are affected by aging, illness, disability, disabilities, illnesses or environmental causes. Responsive motion is fundamental to what it means to be well.

Aims of Physiotherapy Department in AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad are

  • Prevention of Complication
  • Promotion of Function and Mobility
  • Functional
  • Advice and Instructions

Physiotherapists can help patient in following process

  • Taking a thorough review
  • Assessment of the patient
  • Analyze conclusions from the review
  • Assessment and render health decisions on patients
  • Formulate a diagnosis,
  • Prognosis and strategy
  • Offer guidance within their expertise to decide whether patients need to be referred to another physiotherapist
  • Develop a Physical Therapist Intervention
  • Treatment Plan
  • Decide the results of all interventions
  • Treatments Make guidelines for self-management

Key Doctors

Dr. Kalyani Dasari (PT)

Manager Physiotherapy in Wellness - Department of Physiotherapy And Wellness

Dr. Rama Krishna

Manager Physiotherapy in Wellness - Department of Physiotherapy And Wellness

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