Breast Health & Gynecology Center

We at AIG have a dedicated center for breast health and gynecology with complete privacy for women. We have the most renowned and experienced doctors to address all your concerns regarding breast health. Our breast health and gynecology center deals with various aspects of breast health including breast diseases such as breast cancer, latest diagnostic and treatment procedures for breast cancer along with awareness about breast cancer. AIG’s breast health and gynecology center aims to provide you the best forms of breast health care with world-class knowledge and high expertise in non-cancerous breast diseases, breast cancers, reconstructive procedures and corrective procedures. Our highly qualified team of doctors use a multidisciplinary approach to guide you with the best treatment options along with personalized care based on your specific condition and needs.

Areas of expertise

  • Benign breast diseases.
  • Malignancies of the breast -Conservation Surgery, Mastectomy with/without reconstruction.
  • Reconstructive procedures, breast augmentation and reduction (mammoplasty) procedures, implant-based breast reconstructions, and other cosmetic. procedures, such as fat grafting and nipple reconstruction.
  • Autologous reconstruction – Latissimus Dorsi flap reconstruction.
  • Lymphedema of the arm and breast.
  • Corrective procedures of previously operated breasts.
  • Diagnostic procedure.

Key Doctors

Dr. Pragnya Chigurupati

Consultant Breast Specialist, Oncologist & Oncoplastic Surgeon - Surgical Oncology, Breast Health & Gynecology Center

Dr. Alekya Potlapalli

Consultant Radiologist - Breast Health & Gynecology Center