Life after Liver Transplantation: Everyday is a fresh start

Life after Liver Transplantation: Everyday is a fresh start

In the entire journey of a liver transplant, there are a lot of things to be done and taken care of even after the surgery. In fact, the most important part starts post-surgery as that’s where the suitability of the transplanted liver and how the body of the patient responds to the implanted liver comes into the picture. The post-surgery care that needs to be taken like check-ups, diet, exercise, and recovery.

A patient who recently had liver transplantation can survive for years. There also many factors that are responsible for success in Liver Transplantation. Most of the patients can return to work after 3 to 8 months of liver transplantation. People who undergo liver transplantation can head a normal life. Certain liver diseases can reappear in the new liver.

In the liver transplants procedure the critical stage if post-transplant as there is a chance of the body rejecting the new organ or other similar post-transplant complications. About 70% of the transplanted patients live for 5 years while the remaining 30% live less than 5 years. Hence the doctor will be monitoring the liver functioning closely and check for any complications and address the same as soon as possible.

Post-operation following the right diet is very important in order to recover fast. The diet plan that is generally suggested by nutritionists has low amounts of salt, sugar, cholesterol, and fat.

The post-transplant procedure generally takes at least 6 months to fully recover from the surgery to return to doing all the normal activities. The general process of liver transplant and surgery can be overwhelming and the fear of transplant rejections can be stressful. Hence it is advised that the family and close ones should support to help the patient cope with it.