International Patient

Pioneers in Treating the patients across the Globe

AIG hospitals has been conceptualized to serve our communities and those in need, both locally and globally. A commitment that just grows stronger every day as our community reach continues to expand far beyond India’s borders.

AIG hospitals offers international patients a personalized experience along with world-class medical care and is committed to make every patient’s experience delightful and comfortable in India. This dedicated International Patients Team takes care of all patient and attendant requirements.

International patient services

  • Airport Transfer
  • In-Patient rooms
  • Second Opinion Services
  • Visa & Interpreter Services
  • Assistance on Accommodation
  • Insurance & Payment Options
  • Medical Travel Guides
  • One-point contact for all international patients’ needs
  • Dedicated International lounge & International Concierge Desk
  • Seamless coordination between the hospital, patients, and doctors
  • Remote consultations
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Counselling patients on stay, financial details, and clinical procedures
  • Facilitation for boarding, lodging, and transport
  • Assistance for medical visa formalities
  • Interpreter/translation services for non-English speaking patients
  • Foreign National Regional Registration Office (FRRO) assistance
  • Special dietary and religious needs
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Local sightseeing as required

Why AIG?

Plan your Trip

At AIG Hospitals we assist patients in planning and preparing their travel plans to the hospital. Taking the legacy of Healthcare Innovation by delivering remarkable experience of an International Standard across the Globe. Our International Team is compassionate and strives to make every patient’s experience as pleasant and Comfortable as possible

Documents Required

While planning your trip it is important to prepare and bring the necessary documents for ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience

  • Report any past or ongoing treatment sessions relating to your Medical History
  • Vaccination Certificates, X-ray, MRI, immunization records, prescription, and relevant medical record documents including past and current operation reports. Ensure that you carry all these documents in your bag or carry-on baggage.
  • Passport and Visa are a must check with our International Travel Desk Team Visa
  • For more assistance, any specific queries reach to below email id

  • Medical visa invitation letter assistance
  • Complete assistance with visa formalities
  • Airline and transit information
  • Arrangements for accommodation in India
  • Pick-up and drop facilities from the airport after landing in the city
  • Ambulance transfer from airport to hospital based on the requirement
  • In-house food and beverage arrangements
  • Availability of all international food cuisines with customization based on the need
  • Deluxe suites with luxurious ambience
  • Assistance with accommodation at discounted costs after treatment
  • Access to internet and telephone facilities with international dialing
  • Computer and satellite Television
  • Room services

A dedicated relationship manager is assigned for each patient to provide assistance within the hospital during the entire course of stay

Mr. Santosh Kumar Sahoo

Vice President

Business Development & International Relations


Mr. Niladri B. Samal

General Manager International Relations

Mob: +91 9000264442


Mr. Sandeep Ingle

General Manager International Relations

Mob: +91 8919048378 / 9063239535


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