Get Your Back On Track

Get Your Back On Track

Myths: Back pain is an inevitable journey as we age.
Facts: Back pain can happen with any age group. One can always prevent it by keeping body healthy with exercise.

Myths: A hot bath is helpful in decreasing pain.
Facts: It will provide relaxing effect, but a hot bath may worsen your pain by increasing inflammation.

Myths: Sitting up straight always helps in back pain.
Facts: Sitting up straight for long time may worsen pain. It is important to do some stretches at regular intervals.

Myths: A firm mattress can help in healing pain.
Facts: Firm mattress can inhibit body to rest as it puts pressure to certain parts like shoulder and hips when one lies down. Thus, right choice of mattress is must.

Myths: One should not perform any exercise in back pain.
Facts: Exercise is like home remedy for back pain, It prevents and manages the pain. Likes Press-Ups, Double Knee to Chest, etc.

Myths: Surgery is the only option.
Facts: Apart from surgery, there are exercises, over-the-counter medicines, physical therapies to manage the pain.

Do’s: Getting The Right A firm mattress is usually the best for your back than squishy one.
Don’ts Don’t sleep on your stomach: It applies pressure on your spine and joints since it flattens the natural curve of the spine.

Do’s: Keep your bed in shape: Twice a year, flip the mattress over.
Don’ts Don’t rush to start your day: Take a minute to stretch fully and let your body wake up before getting a move on.

Do’s: Set your seat properly: Adjust the car seat according to your height.
Don’ts Don’t sit higher or lower from screen: You should be seated at eye level to your screen.

Do’s: Play with pillows: Get a few towel rolls and small throw pillows to support higher in car.
Don’ts Don’t smoke: Nicotine in cigarettes can weaken spinal bones.

Do’s: Take breaks: While driving and working, take break every hour to stand and stretch.
Don’ts Avoid standing for a long period: If possible adjust the height of the work table. Try to elevate one foot by resting on a stool.

Do’s: Use the right posture: Keep your back straight when lifting. Stand close to the load, wide stance, kneel and do a steady lift.

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Dr. Sai Kalyan Savarapu

Consultant Neurosurgeon