Celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day at AIG Hospitals: A Fun-Filled Event Creating Hand-Hygiene Awareness Among All!

05th May, 2022

Recognizing the importance of hand hygiene for infection control, AIG Hospitals’ infection control committee organized a fun-filled event to promote hand hygiene awareness, on the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day. Focusing on this year’s theme ‘Unite for Safety: Clean your Hands’, the awareness program emphasized the united key role of both patients and health workers at all levels to ensure adequate hand hygiene measures for controlling infections and protecting lives.

The program was inaugurated by our Chairman Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy and was followed by a welcome speech by the head of the infection control committee Dr. Pragathi, who briefly explained AIG’s efforts and achievements in improving hand hygiene rates over time. Addressing the gathering on the importance of hand hygiene, our chairman Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy said, “the COVID pandemic has made people more conscious and careful about hand hygiene than ever before, and it is not just the doctors or nurses but each and every individual’s responsibility to come together and maintain appropriate hand hygiene.”

The program continued with our Director Dr. G.V Rao appreciating the efforts of AIG Hospitals in controlling infection rates. “We are on par with international standards of infection control and hand hygiene practices, hoping for better results in the future,” he added.

Some creative and engaging ways were used to demonstrate the impact of hand hygiene in everyone’s lives.  A short film with doctors and staff members called ‘Kill Germs Forever’ –(KGF) was showcased, illustrating the link between hand hygiene and the transmission of viruses. Some entertaining dances were performed by nurses showing the steps of handwashing, and a skit was performed displaying hand hygiene and standard precautions. These programs remained highlights of the event and were acknowledged with a standing ovation.

Last but not the least was the most humorous and entertaining ‘bugs’ fashion show by all the department heads, disguised as different microorganisms that affect human life, providing a strong message, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The program was concluded with a vote of thanks from Ms. Glory, the nursing manager, and the distribution of appreciation certificates for all staff and nursing members for their relentless efforts in successfully controlling infections in the hospital.

Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONNMAA9x8_U to watch the highlights of the Hand Hygiene Awareness Program.