AIG Badminton Tournament 2021

29th Aug, 2021
AIG Badminton Tournament was held on 29th of August at GamePoint Stadium, Gachibowli, concluded amidst lots of enthusiasm and excitement. The Men’s doubles & Women’s doubles were organized which was quite action-packed with the participation of more than 50 teams. The tournament was inaugurated on 29th August by Dr. GV Rao, Director of AIG Hospitals, witnessed high-spirited badminton enthusiasts, both skilled players and amateurs, challenging each other to make their way up to emerge victoriously. We also had Consultants joining us for the tournament with their smashing talent The event is aimed at ‘Fitness’, which is the most essential key for the wellbeing of any human being. The last two generations have gradually and now steadily leads a sedentary lifestyle which causes an increase in health issues. Fitness is no longer about just hitting the Gyms or Morning Walks. Fitness can be customised with your favourite sport at your convenient time during the week. The final match was extremely exhilarating with high energy exchange between the best team of the two groups sweating it out to prove their might.