Dr. L Siva Kumar Reddy, Consultant, INCHARGE (Multidisciplinary Intensive care unit (MICU)

Dr Shiva Kumar Reddy Critical Care

Dr. L Siva Kumar Reddy

M.D, D.M. (Critical Care Medicine)

Consultant, INCHARGE (Multidisciplinary Intensive care unit (MICU)


M.D, D.M Professional Synopsis(Critical Care Medicine)

Professional Synopsis:

Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy is a consultant at AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad, with 7 years of experience in the field of critical care medicine. He is one of the few physicians in India in the field of critical care medicine to have a DM qualification. He is an invited expert for demonstrations and lectures for major state and national ISCCM conferences. Dr. Siva’s areas of expertise includes ARDS, Sepsis management, Critical care ultrasound, Critical care nephrology. Currently he is AHA certified Instructor for ACLS/BLS and also instructor for BASIC (from Chinese University of Hong Kong), he is also well-versed with acute care resuscitation protocols.

Throughout his career as Critical Care Physician, he worked in various health care universities in India, with keen interest in research.

Accomplishments & Awards:

He has received numerous awards and scholarships during his academic career.