Dr. Ravikiran Naalla, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Ravikiran Naalla Consultant Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ravikiran Naalla

M.Ch (Plastic Reconstructive Surgery)

Consultant Plastic Reconstructive Surgery


M.Ch (Plastic Reconstructive Surgery) AIIMS, New Delhi (2016)

MS (General Surgery) Manipal University (2012)

MBBS, Sri Venkateshwara Medical College (2005)

Professional Synopsis:

Dr. Ravikiran Naalla pursued M.Ch (Plastic Reconstructive Surgery) from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AlIMS, New Delhi). He has worked and visited several reputed institutes in the country and abroad. Throughout his career, he had an opportunity to manage complex reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic surgical procedures. He has a passion for evidence-based medicine and patient outcome-oriented treatment strategy. His innovative surgical treatments and algorithms are accepted and were published in peer-reviewed research journals.

Areas of Interest:

  • Wound healing solutions (surgical & non-surgical)
  • Onco-reconstruction (functional surgeries, Complex head & neck reconstruction, breast reconstruction, extremity oncology, Uro-gynec oncology)
  • Hand & microsurgery (trauma, congenital hand defects, brachial plexus reconstruction, nerve paralysis, reimplantation of extremities)
  • Lower limb (lymphedema, trauma, nerve paralysis)
  • Head & Neck (vascular malformations, ear reconstruction, facial nerve paralysis)
  • Lymphedema surgeries ( lymphovenous anastomosis and lymph node transfers)
  • Diabetic foot reconstruction
  • Cleft & craniofacial surgery
  • Burns (acute & post-burn deformities)
  • Migraine surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery (hair transplant, botox, fillers, face, breast, body contouring, liposuction, gynecomastia, cosmetic gynecology)


  • Consultant, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center, New Delhi (2020-21)
  • Enhance clinics hair transplant, New Dlehi (2021)
  • Visiting fellow, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan (2017)
  • Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore (2015)


  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
  • Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS)
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)
  • Indian Society for Surgery of Hand (ISSH)
  • Diabetic Foot Society of India
  • Indian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgeons (ISRM)


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  1. Hands-on workshop for Vascularized composite allotransplantation at JPNATC, AIIMS, New Delhi. International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (ISVCA) 2019, Noida, India.
  2. Master class in craniomaxillary reconstruction.2019, AIIMS, New Delhi.
  3. Hands-on basic microvascular surgery training at Ganga Hospital, (5-day course involving rat femoral artery and vein anastomosis, interposition vein graft repair, Carotid artery repair) (18-05-2015 to 22-05-2015)
  4. Techniques of Vascular Anastomosis (Cadaver model) workshop conducted by Dept. of Cardiothoracic surgery at Cadaveric Training research facility- October 2017, AIIMS, New Delhi
  5. Flap harvesting workshop at Cadaveric Training research facility- May 2016, AIIMS, New Delhi
  6. Flap harvesting workshop at Cadaveric Training research facility- August 2016, AIIMS, New Delhi
  7. Research methodology course– All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 2016
  8. Metacarpal & Phalangeal Fracture Fixation (Bone Model – Hands-on) workshop during ISSHCON 2017.
  9. Successfully qualified the ATLS Course for Doctors according to the standards established by the ACS Committee on Trauma- at Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center, All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India- 01/2011. (www.atls.in)
  10. Successfully qualified the Early Management of Trauma Course held at Christian Medical College, Vellore, India- 2011 (www.emtcvellore.net).
  11. Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support – American Heart Association-2012, Manipal India.
  12. Basic surgical skills workshop, St John’s Hospital-2013, Bangalore, India.

Academic Awards:

  • First prize in the S K Bhatnagar memorial national plastic surgery quiz held at Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Conference (APSICON 2017) held at Kochi, India
  • First prize in quiz competition at Indian Society of Peripheral Nerve Surgeons 2018, New Delhi, India
  • Best outgoing student award -2012 batch (MS General Surgery) at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka, India.
  • 2nd in National Level Medical Quiz-2008, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India.
  • 3rd in National Lever Postgraduate Plastic Surgery Talent Search-July 2014, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, India.

Paper/ Poster Presentations:

  • Online webinar Journal club, in the International Microsurgery group. Topic- Pedicle flaps in upper limb reconstruction (December 2020).
  • Microsurgical Salvage Of Lower Extremities Following Gustilo-Anderson Grade IIIb Open Tibial Fractures- An Analysis Of Functional Outcome at 14th Congress of the European Federation of Societies for Microsurgery held in May 5-8, 2018in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Naalla R- The integral role of plastic & reconstructive surgeon at a level 1 trauma center- analysis of initial experience gained from 1014 procedures. Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Conference 2017, Kochi, India
  • Spaghetti wrist injuries- Our experience at level 1 trauma center- Indian Society for Surgery of Hand conference 2016, Ranchi, India
  • Naalla R- Management of Soft tissue injuries with unstable pelvic injuries, Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Conference, New Delhi, 2016
  • Naalla R, Lingadikai R- Laparoscopic splenectomy versus open splenectomy for Immune Thrombocytic Purpura- Annual conference of Association of Surgeons Of India-2014, Hyderabad, India.
  • Naalla R, Bhat A, Acharya A- Abdominal flap in upper limb soft tissue defects- Annual conference of Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand-2014, Mangalore, India.
  • Naalla R, Wrist and distal forearm cut injuries may not be as simple as they seem- World Trauma Congress 2016, New Delhi, India
  • Clinical, epidemiological & preventive aspects of pediatric mutilating hand injuries- Our experience at a level 1 trauma center- Indian Society for Surgery of Hand conference 2017, Mumbai, India
  • Role of Reconstructive Surgeon In Multidisciplinary Management Of Severe Hemophilic Patient With Chronic Osteomyelitis Of Knee at Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Conference, New Delhi, 2016
  • Naalla R- Super Vasmol poisoning -Academy of Medical Sciences Sri Venkateswara Medical College Scientific session-2010, Tirupati, India.
  • Naalla R, Konchada K, Kannappan O, Lingadakai R. Duodenal carcinoid with carcinoid syndrome. KSC-ASICON-2014, Manipal, India.
  • Naalla R- Pigmented macules and pedunculated polyps- An interesting case of intussusception. ASICON 2014, Hyderabad, India.
  • Naalla R, Lingadikai R- A novel technique for repair of giant incisional hernia. ASICON 2014, Hyderabad, India