Dr. Adarsh Singamsetty, Consultant Intensivist

Dr Adarsh Singamsetty Intensivist

Dr. Adarsh Singamsetty


Consultant Intensivist



Professional Synopsis:

Dr. Adarsh Singamsetty is a consultant Intensivist with Anesthesia as a base specialty, at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad, with 7 years of experience. Expert in the management of all types of critically ill patients needing high quality ICU care, Mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring, renal replacement therapy (dialysis) in the ICU and use of extracorporeal devices like ECMO. Dr. Adarsh has hands on Experience in Point of care Ultrasonography and Echocardiography, Transplant Critical care.

Dr. Adarsh is also Member in HICC and critical care committee at AIG Hospitals.

Areas of Interest:

  • Tropical Diseases and Poisoning
  • Trauma and Neuro-Critical Care, Obstetric Critical Care
  • Communication skills and interpersonal skills.


  • Member of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM).
  • Member of European Society of Critical Care Medicine (ESICM)
  • Member of Indian society of Anesthesiology (ISA)


Attenuation of cardiovascular responses to Direct laryngoscopy and intubation – A Comparative study between iv bolus fentanyl, lignocaine and placebo(NS) J Clin Diagn Res. 2012 Dec;6(10):1749-52.Doi:10.7860/JCDR/2012/4070.2619. Epub 2012

Paper Presentation
March 2015 National conference On ISCCM
Discharge delay in ICU patients – an Indian perspective: study regarding the readmission rates and mortality in patients who got discharged in regular hours and after hours.

Journal Club Competetion
October 2010 EMARCS-2010 INDUS-EM-2010 4
JCC on Comparision between Noradrenaline and Dopamine in septic shock: A randomized controlled trial.
Faculty member at CRITICARE 2020.