Take the leap from good to best.
Get trained by the pioneers of the industry.


Take the leap from good to best.
Get trained by the pioneers of the industry.



Medical / Surgical Gastroenterology

Seats Available



Medical Gastroenterology - MD/DNB Surgical Gastroenterology - MS/DNB


1st Year Rs. 50,000 pm
2nd Year Rs. 55,000 pm
3rd Year Rs. 60,000 pm

As a single speciality Institute, an unique concept in Gastroenterology can boast off as an excellent teaching and training in both Medical Gastroenterology and Surgical Gastroenterology. The supportive departments are also focused towards subspeciality like GI radiology, GI pathology etc. This concept offers high quality patient care, teaching and training. The training will be supervised by well qualified and experienced faculty.

DNB Super Speciality

The Institute is recognized by the Diplomat National Board to offer super speciality training in Medical Gastroenterology and Surgical Gastroenterology.

The Institute is recognized to train 3 candidates in medical gastroenterology and 3 candidates in surgical gastroenterology per year. The selection process is by common entrance test to be conducted by the Diplomat of National Board. The course tenure is for 3 yrs and academic calendar starts from January.

The Institute has 250 beds and is equipped with state of art technology. The Institute has adequate, well qualified and trained faculty. The institute has an excellent central library with latest books and journals.

The Institute also has full-fledged supportive departments like radiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, Anesthesia, Intensive care and blood bank.

The Institute also has research wing which involves in basic research like genetics, molecular biology and stem cell etc.

The training process includes a regular academic program consisting of case discussion, seminars, journal club. There will be frequent guest lectures by national and international faculty. The candidates will be directly involved in the day to day clinical care of patients, hands-on training of the procedures (under supervision). The candidates have to maintain a log book write a thesis as a prerequisite for DNB Examination. They will be encouraged to present papers and attend CME during their tenure. They will also be encouraged to publish papers in various journals.

In medical gastroenterology, the residents will be exposed to routine and complex gastroenterology and hepatology cases. They will have adequate exposure to gastroenterology emergencies and gastroenterology critical care. They will have to perform diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, supervised by consultants.

In surgical gastroenterology, the residents will be exposed to routine and complex gastroenterology surgical cases. They will be posted in emergency and surgical critical care. During the training period, they have to perform routine and emergency surgeries supervised by the consultants.

There will be an examination every six months (Theory and Clinical) to be conducted by the appraiser appointed by the DNB. In addition, there will be a frequent evaluation of the candidates by the faculty.

Training Charges / Fee

The selected candidates should pay training charges Rs. 15000 /- per year.


Candidates selected will receive a stipend of Rs.50,000, Rs.55,000 and Rs.60,000 per month during their first, second and third year course, respectively.


Asian Institute of Gastroenterology is in the heart of the city with all amenities available near the hospital. Institute is adjacent to a huge residential society and it's easy to get a rented flat/house at affordable prices.

Academic Training

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology is a Tertiary care hospital with state of art facilities for treating digestive disorders. Regular Seminars, Journal clubs, Bedside clinics and Semi-Annual clinical assessment of the DNB resident is conducted ensuring the curriculum set by the National Board of Examinations is strictly adhered to over the three year period.

Frequent lectures by visiting National and International faculty both from Hospitals in India and abroad who are well known in their respective fields of work in gastroenterology. AIG has conducted and hosted national and international workshops and conferences which has tremendously helped both the resident staff and the faculty to update their knowledge.

Hands On Practical Training

Consultants and faculty at AIG believe in the fact that practice makes perfect, Residents learn to diagnose and perform procedures in a low-stress scenario under the guidance of senior working staff. Best of all the sessions are taped so they can watch and critique how they performed.

In Medical Gastroenterology every resident is allowed to perform diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopy and Colonoscopy with special emphasis on GI motility studies (High Resolution Manometry, Ph metry, Impedance Studies, Hydrogen Breath Tests), Capsule Endoscopy, advanced endoscopy modalities like Enteroscopy, Endoscopic Ultrasonography, ERCP, Basic to Interventional GI Radiology and also on basic sciences (Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Molecular biology).

In Surgical gastroenterology, every resident undergoes rigorous training over three years to assist and perform both minimally invasive and open G I surgery procedures. Hands-on training to perform Basic surgical G I procedures( lap and open Colectomy, Radical gastrectomy, Benign biliary strictures etc)and advanced GI procedures ( J pouch construction, Esophagectomies, Hepatic resections, Liver Transplantation etc). At course, completion residents will be able to evaluate, diagnose and perform operative procedures on their own.


Since its establishment in 2005 till date, Research has evolved as a dedicated facility with state-of-the-art equipment to support clinical research requiring laboratory inputs as well assist clinicians in pursuing their interest in research and provide technical and scientific manpower through collaborative projects.

The academic staff and residents, conducts a wide range of researches and studies, particularly in the fields of colorectal genetics, Hepatology, stem cell cultures, in vivo islet cell culture and transplant, epidemiological, clinical and molecular & cell biology.



The Library has a good number of books covering a wide range of medical, Surgical and healthcare subjects. The collection policy of library is to purchase recent books which are relevant for specialized courses. New titles are added regularly. We include selected and latest books featured on DNB & EMS Course's booklists and few highly specialized books.


We subscribe print journals and e-journals. Current Journals are displayed in alphabetical order and arranged in the journal rack. The Library staff will help the students/trainees to locate a particular journal as required. All journals are for reference only and articles may be photocopied within the Library, if required.


We had subscribed to MD-Consult database where we can access books, journals, Clinics Review Articles, Patient Education material, Drugs, Guidelines, Images, News & CME.

Live Transmission

The Trainees are involved in many live transmission programmes which include workshops as well as educational programmes in collaboration with Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.


Candidates wishing to visit the departments before the selection process may please contact the undersigned.

Very Important

Please Refer Infomation Bulletin CET-Super speciality Courses-January,2012 PageNo.16 of NBE for the change in the counselling process.

Our Institute's Accreditation is valid until December 2013 for 3 seats each in Medical Gastroenterology and GI Surgery. Please Refer Accreditation Letters of NBE.

National Board of Examinations in their Information Bulletin (CET-SS) January 2012 stated that the final list of accredited hospitals and institutions for DNB courses shall be published a few days before the start of Counselling.

For Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

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The institute offers focused short-term training in different areas like basic endoscopy advanced endoscopy, advanced surgical procedures (laparoscopic/open). Doctors interested in training may contact Hospital Administrator.