Why AIG?

Center for Obesity & Metabolic therapies

Why AIG?

Choosing a reputed hospital and a team of experienced doctors for your bariatric surgery is a Herculean task, but with AIG the decision become a lot easy. There are many criteria on which any prospective patient chooses the care provider, AIG fulfills most of those criteria.

Many inherent characteristics of the Center for Obesity and Metabolic Sciences at AIG qualify it as the most preferred destination for bariatric surgeries. These include:


Experienced surgeons:

The outcome of any surgery depends largely upon the surgeon’s craft. Surgeons at AIG are well-experienced in all kinds of bariatric surgeries, and their expertise is based on thousands of successful surgeries they have performed. The surgeons are experts at handling the various instruments and equipment and keep updating themselves through various training programs, at national and international levels.


Holistic approach

The focus of bariatric surgery is not just the gastrointestinal system, but the body as a whole. The surgeons understand that health is the outcome of all body systems functioning well and in harmony. The patient is evaluated for all body systems and the treatment is decided based on the co-morbid conditions. The surgeons believe that being overweight doesn’t only affect the physical health, but also the mental health, and hence the patient’s emotional state is also taken into account, during treatment planning.


Multi-disciplinary team

Because the patient is a holistic being, the medical team consists of specialists from all fields of medicine, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, nurses, social worker, endocrinologists etc. This multi-disciplinary team makes sure that the patient is taken care of well, not only from the surgery point of view, but overall. As a result, the treatment outcomes are better.


Galore of treatment options

When it comes to bariatric surgery, ‘one size’ doesn’t fit all. It means that every patient is different and so the surgery needed is also different. The bariatric surgeons offer a variety of surgical options to choose from, whether it’s endoscopic interventions or laparoscopic surgeries.


State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

The Center for Obesity and Metabolic Sciences at AIG is equipped with modern, sophisticated, technology-enabled instruments and equipment, to provide the patients maximum outcomes with minimum interventions. Only at AIG, one can find the variety of options available for gastric and intestinal instrumentations, that too, patented and FDA approved.


Customized treatment

The surgical interventions are not on the ‘menu card’ these are decided based on the patient’s problems and co-morbid conditions. A patient with a certain BMI may need a different treatment than another person who has additional thyroid dysfunction and sleep apnea. The post-operative care and counselling are also customized to individual patient needs.


Patient-centered care

At AIG, the patient is central to all medical services provided, with the multi-disciplinary team working around the patient outcomes. The family of the patient is considered an indispensable part of the care planning. The patient’s family is included in all patient-related discussions and care counselling after discharge from the hospital.


Research-based practices

The protocol-based practice at AIG is scientific and research-based so that the patients receive the best possible care, and the benefits of the numerous research being done in the file of metabolic and bariatric surgery.


Continuation of care

The patient feels secure in the hospital under the care of a well-experienced team, but eventually has to rehabilitate in his community. The AIG team provides continuity of care to patients so that they feel secure even at home and recover well. Before discharge from the hospital, the patient and his family receive detailed counselling about dietary and lifestyle changes to be followed by the patient. The patient is advised to follow-up at specific time periods to monitor and evaluate the weight loss and the recovery process. If the patient fails to come for the follow-up, the team tries to get in touch with the patient through telephones or other means of communication.


Support groups

The Centre for Obesity and Metabolic Sciences at AIG organizes support group activities every alternate month, a unique platform, where the patients can come and share their success stories with others and motivate them. The support group provides a platform for patients to interact with each other and solve each other problem in their own way. The patients also interact with their doctors to seek solution for their problems, out of the follow-up period.


A hospital’s overall service is highly influenced by its basic infrastructure and AIG is the best example for it. AIG Hospitals is designed with a dream of creating a comfortable and healthy environment for the patients. AIG has adopted a world class technology clubbed with healing architecture and ultramodern facilities to ensure sense of positivity and an unforgettable experience for all our patients. These advanced facilities, spacious interior and composed environment creates a positive ambience that is conducive to healing.

Infrastructure in numbers

  • 1000 patient beds
  • 150 consultation rooms
  • 20 operation theaters
  • 36 endoscopy suits
  • 4 catheter labs
  • 17 dialysis units
  • 400 seated auditorium

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