Patient Rights and Responsibility

Recognize your rights and responsibilities.

Patient Rights and Responsibility


  • Right to be entitled to any special preferences, spiritual/religious and cultural needs, values & beliefs
  • Right for personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures, treatment and personal care
  • Right to be protected from neglect or abuse
  • Right to be informed about the disease, diagnosis & the possible outcome
  • Right to information about the care provider, plan of care, its risks, alternatives, benefits and prognosis
  • Right to consent for blood transfusion, anesthesia, surgery, research and other procedures
  • Right to information/scope/documentation process of
    consent where ever it is required
  • Right to access to his / her clinical records
  • Right to appropriate assessment & management of pain
  • Right to be involved in the decision making & the care plan
  • Right to confidentiality of information
  • Right to be under continuous care & supervision
  • Right for refusal/discontinuation of treatment
  • Right to seek an additional opinion regarding clinical care
  • Right to complain, information on how to voice a complaint & its resolution process
  • Right to be provided information about the cost of the treatment
  • Right to be informed & educated in a language best understood by the patient
  • Right to information & taking decision on organ donation


  • Provide accurate information about his present, past, medical, surgical, hospitalizations history
  • Provide complete and accurate information including full name, address, ID proof and other information
  • Obtain clarity about care plan and adverse outcomes and inform about any alternative therapies
  • Abide by all hospital rules and regulations
  • Comply with the no-smoking & no alcohol policy
  • Comply with the visitor policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients
  • To be considerate of noise levels, privacy, and safety. Weapons are prohibited on the premises
  • Treat hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect
  • Respect the appointment schedules & provide prior intimation to reschedule
  • Not to give medication prescribed for him/her to others
  • Help the hospital in processing of insurance bills by providing accurate & prompt information
  • To pay for services billed for, in a timely manner as per the hospital policies
  • Respect the need-based priorities of other patients
  • To respect other admitted patients and give priority to patients requiring emergency care
  • To follow the prescribed treatment plan and carefully comply with the instructions
  • To adapt to the hospital environment to ensure a safe and secure stay in hospital
  • To not create chaos & disrupt the smooth flow of operations
  • To get oriented with the hospital fire exit plan
  • To accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records
  • To attend follow-up appointment as requested
  • Not to take any medications without the knowledge of doctor and healthcare provider
  • To understand the charter of rights and seek clarification, if any


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